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Invest in Your Bedroom

Updated: Feb 16, 2022


Jonathan Scott said it best - "nothing in your home will impact your life more than having a beautiful bedroom to sleep in, with an aesthetic that will help you recharge". Here are some small things you can do that will make a BIG difference to your sleeping habits:

✨ BAN REMINDERS OF WORK. The purpose of a bedroom is to relax, recharge, and unwind - not stress about work! If possible, keep the work/office space out of the bedroom. 🙅🏼‍♀️

✨ CLEAR OUT CLUTTER. It's true - clutter is the killer of relaxing vibes.

✨ INVEST IN GOOD SHEETS. Consider this a sign to get those expensive sheets you've been eyeing up 👏🏻 hint hint: silk sheets/pillowcases have a looooong list of benefits, including improving your complexion and preventing hair damage.

We recommend Boll & Branch sheets.

✨ ADD A RELAXING SCENT. Studies show that lavender can decrease heart rate, skin temp, and blood pressure - all of which will put you in a relaxing state of mind. Try lighting up a lavender candle before bed or washing your sheets with lavender-scented detergent. Candles are also the perfect touch to add to your bedroom. We recommend Tru Candle Studio or Choteau Candle Co.

✨ MAKE YOUR BED EVERY MORNING. Seriously, do it! A @sleepfoundation poll found that participants who made their bed daily felt it strongly influenced how well they slept.

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